2.Nh3 line against the sicilian defense

2.Nh3 line against the sicilian defense

IM attilaturzo
Jul 17, 2018, 4:52 PM |

2. Nh3 Is that a joke? I felt I should have a fine position againsg that move, but after around 15 moves I found myself under the pressure and attack against my king. I played too early f7-f5. He did not find the nice Bxh6 sacrifice to capitalise on my mistake. He allowed me a counter-attack, which won 2 pieces against the rook and a pawn, but just in the next move I blundered a piece. It was all under time pressure.

So his opening worked well for him, in term of winning time. 

After the blunder I had a nice possibility to equalised, but it was hard to find in a few seconds.

After he forced the queen exchange, I felt nearly ok in moments, but once he was able to create a strong a-pawn, the game was over:

I need to be more prepared for the unusual lines and manage time better, play avarage good moves to gain time.
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