313 checkmates, 1-1 in games

IM attilaturzo
Feb 9, 2011, 1:43 PM |

I solved 306 1 move checmate and 7 2 moves checkmate from the Polgar book in about 15 minutes. Then I played 2 games. I lost the first against a turkish interational master in the trompovsky with black. I want to review the line we played tomorrow. I got fine position, but I could not go forward and lost in time pressure.


Then I played with white against the sicilian dragon. He played a rare line and I got a better position when I overlooked a fork. I got a pawn for a knight and wanted to win an other. He defended it intead of castle and I was able to open the position with a bishop sacrifice. I wish you enjoy it :)


Current rating is 2527 after 2 games.