Activity or material?

Activity or material?

IM attilaturzo
Aug 3, 2018, 11:40 AM |

Would you like to sacrifice material for activity or would you like to accept the sacrifice and defend and win in the endgame?

Timing is everything. In my 15 minutes game yesterday, I sacrificed a pawn to be able to penetrate to the 2nd rank of my opponent and then I decided to win back the pawn. Instead of that keeping the pressure was the right decision and win back only later when I would keep also some of my positional advantages. 

After winning back the pawn, again I made the mistake to win the pawn too early and gave activity for my opponent. Now he had the strong compensation for the pawn. 

There came the moment when I had the chance to give back the pawn for activity and equalize the position. I kept the pawn and used too much time and made a blunder under the pressure.

I need to value more the activity over material. A little bit more than before:

I wish you enjoyed the game and gained some new ideas which you can use in your future games!

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Have a wonderful day!