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Attack against the opposite side castled king

Attack against the opposite side castled king

Oct 18, 2015, 2:58 PM 0
When the kings castled on the opposite sides then we need to start a pawn storm against the opponent king. We would like to exchange pawns or sacrifice pawns to open files for our rooks and queen to attack the king. 
I played this game against John in a simul in August. He played a rare opening. Gave up his bishop for doubling my pawns. I got a strong center and a quick attack against the king. In the complications I missed the chance to get much better positions and I blundered a piece. 
In the endgame there was a beautiful situation when I got 5 connected passed passed pawn against a rook and bishop.He found the solution to sacrifice the bishop for 2 pawns and win the endgame.
I hope you will enjoy to replay the game with annotations!
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