Checkmates of the day 12

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Nov 1, 2015, 9:18 AM |

The talented russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin beat Top US player Gata Kamsky in 2008 in the Tal memorial blitz tournament:

White to move and checkmates in 1

The best azeri player Teimour Radjabov checkmated the world's best woman player Judit Polgar at the World Blitz Championship in 2008:
White to move and checkmates in 3

Today's last puzzle came from a game which two of my students Julian Trujillo and Simon Yergeau played:
White to move and checkmates in 6

I wish you a lot of fun for the puzzles! If you gave a nice checkmate and would like me to publish it, then please send it to me in a message!

Thank you!

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