Checkmates of the day 4

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Oct 24, 2015, 1:32 AM |

Today I decided to share 3 checkmates, two from World Champions and one from one of my students.

The best english player Michal Adams checkmated the youngest ever World Champion Ruslan Ponomarion from Ukraine in Linares.

White to move and checkmates in 1 move

Our 2nd checkmate was played in 2004 in the World Championship final. This game decided the World Championship title. Before the game Peter Leko was leading and this was the last game of the match. Vladimir Kramnik needed to win the game to equal the match and keep his title. And he did it! How?
White to move and checkmates in 3 moves

Today's last checkmate came from the game of one of my students Julian Trujillo. He played this online in a 45 minutes match.
White to move and checkmates in 1 move

I wish you a lot of fun for the puzzles! If you gave a nice checkmate and would like me to publish it, then please send it to me in a message!

Thank you!

Attila Turzo

International Chess Master and Chess Coach

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