Come and join! :)

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Jan 9, 2012, 6:47 AM |
We need around 200 more players. Please forward this message and invite your friends to play! Thank you very much. Smile
Would you like to play with an International Chess Master? Come and join my simul!

Be one of the 1000 Bright Minds! :)

I am International Chess Master Attila Turzo and I will play 1000 chess games simultaneously with 1000 players from many different countries over the internet.

The entry is free of charge.

All ages and levels of players can join. Absolute beginners can also join. By playing the game you will study new things and you will enjoy it.

The simul starts at Wednesday, 11th January 11:00 am Budapest time.

(5:00am New York,10am London,9pm Melbourne time)

 when I will play my first moves  in every 1000 boards against the 1000 opponents.

The deadline of the registration is Tuesday, 10th January 11:00 am Budapest time.

(5:00am New York,10am London,9pm Melbourne time)

Register and make your first move!


If you have a account then please go to STEP 2!

If you do not have a account then please go to and register your free account!


Log in with your account at


On the top of the webpage you will find a menu. Move your mouse to Members. You will look few options. Click on titled players. A little box will be open with a search button. Write “turzo” to the box and click on search. It will list Attila Turzo. Please click on the name!


You are on my profile page. Now look the right side of the window and scroll slowly down. There will be ACTIONS listed. Click on Challenge to Play!


.You will get the page where you need to select the options of the game.

You will read: “Start a new chess game…with…”

There you should select: “game options I select

select the following options:

1.Standard Chess.

2.Standard Strating Positions.

3. 3 days per move.

4. I Play As: White

5.This is an unrated game

6.. Optional Game Name: 1000 Bright Mind

7. There will be box with title “against an opponent I choose”

Write there my username: attilaturzo

8. Click on Create New Game!

You are ready with the first part of the registration! :)


Wait 24 hours to give me time to register you and accept your challenge.

Log in with your account at .

If your challenge is not yet accepted then at the top of the page there will be your invite listed as “My Open Invites”

Then please check your messages, because you may made a mistake in the challenge and I sent you a message what should you change before I will accept it.

You can read your messages if you move your mouse on the top right part of the page on MY HOME and click on Messages.


If I accepted the challenge then the game will be listed in the middle of the page and you should click on My move! 

Make your first move and wait until the start of the simul when I will play my first move at

Wednesday, 11th January 11:00 am Budapest time. 

 (5:00am New York,10am London,9pm Melbourne time)

I wish ,you will enjoy our game and it will open you a new world and you will meet new friends from all over the world. Please send me a messsage if you have any suggestions, ideas about the 1000 Bright Minds simul, about the webpage or about any other things! Thank you for being part of my life! :)


You can find me on Facebook   at

You can follow me on twitter at