Dave's Diary with an annotated game

IM attilaturzo
Nov 26, 2011, 12:52 AM |

We started to study with Dave at Thursday. He is from California. He started to play few months ago, but already plays very brave and I like how he attacks. He is very dedicated and ready to follow my suggestions. I am very happy we started to study and I hope I can help him to reach his goals and make him a happier person. As part of his homework, he started his diary where he writes about his chess activities. You can check it at http://blog.chess.com/davidjwise/chess-journal-1 

You can check his nice checkmate after our first lesson. It was a blitz game, so both players made mistakes, but at the end the backrank of the white players became undefended and Dave used it very well to give a pretty checkmate.