My experience about the Analysis Board

IM attilaturzo
Apr 13, 2014, 12:09 AM |

I am very grateful for the team. They built up a wondeful platform where people can play and learn. They made available for chess coaches like me to teach students from all over the world. I can help people from the comfort of my home by doing what I enjoy very much.

In my lessons on I use the Analysis Board feature on the Live chess server.

I like it very much because it is similar to a real chess board. Any time I can move both the white and the black pieces and the student can move both pieces whenever he/she has a question or idea.

I am happy about the possibility to colour the squares on the chess board and to draw arrows. It helps to explain ideas quicker and deeper.

If you want to take a little break you can also draw fun pictures on the board. We did it a few times with students Smile

An amazing feature of the Analysis Board is to be able to load up pgn files to share. I can prepare examples for the coaching sessions and the variations and the comments are near the board and it helps me to remember and explain the theme.

The Paste Pgn file feature we use in nearly every lesson when we study a game from the student. He tells me which games he wants to study, then I download it and paste it to our Analysis Board.

I like also the possibility of loading a game from a student's game archive to an Analysis Board. It speeds up the process.

The Analysis Board helps to learn quickly and have fun by winning more games.

Thank you for continuously improving the site and giving the chance for people to play chess and make new friendships.