Outstanding passed pawn versus active king

Outstanding passed pawn versus active king

IM attilaturzo
Oct 16, 2015, 3:18 PM |
The outstanding passed pawn is very powerful in the endgames, because it gives work for the opponent king and when the king goes to capture the pawn, the other king can go to the other side to capture the undefended pawns. 
The other very important piece in the endgames is the king. A king is well placed when it is in the center, because then it is ready to go to both sides where it is needed. An active king sometimes can hold a position even a pawn down.
I played a simul game in this August against a strong swedish player. I got a pawn endgame with an extra pawn, but he was able to save it after my mistakes.
In the first position I was able to win with the best play. Can you find the solution? Please give yourself 5-10 minutes to find the solution!

In the game I missed this chance and after my mistake he was able to save the game. How? I sugges you to use at least 10 minutes to find the right variation which leads to a draw!

You can replay the full game with annotations:
1. Activate your king and put it to the center
2. Advance your passed pawn(s)
3. Put your king in a position where it can attack and defense in the     same time
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