Preparation day 1: Which openings will I play?

IM attilaturzo
Mar 23, 2017, 3:31 PM |


I played and taught many different openings in the last 30 years. My goal for today was to decide which openings will I play in the tourney.

I decided to use solid openings with both white and black and go for strategical positions where my experience my count a lot.

I will start with 1.d4 and play the system with a fianchetto bishop on g2. It gives safety to my king and I can go to the middle game or play long endgames with a small edge.

I selected a few games from my history about these systems. 

Catalan with white and white against the king's indian:


Russian defense with black against 1.e4


Slav defense with black against 1.d4



1...e5 against 1.c4:


After the opening decision I solved around 20 puzzles from a database where I have 1001 checkmate puzzles. I plan to solve all the puzzles before the tourney starts.

I share with you 3 puzzles to solve:


Tomorrow I plan to search all my databases and books about the openings I will play in the tourney and start to build up a repertoire database. First I want to make a repertoire which covers the first 7-8 moves, then go to 11-12 moves deep. I will also continue to solve checkmate puzzles and I start to review the basic concepts of chess tactics.
If you have any ideas or suggestion, then please leave a comment!
I wish you enjoyed today's post and will see you tomorrow!