Preparation day 7: Sharpening the Catalan

IM attilaturzo
Mar 29, 2017, 3:07 AM |

Today I continued the improve my understanding of the Catalan with white. I studied the libes where black captures on c4 and keep the pawns, plus the line where he gives the check on b4 and goes back to e7 with the bishop.


Grandmaster Repertoire 1: 1.d4 Volume One


I share the main lines with you:

Black plays a6 and then Nc6:

Black plays a6 and b5 to defend the c4 pawn:

I also solved a few checkmate puzzles and share it with you:

The tourney will start in 3 days on the 1st of April. Tomorrow I plan to start to review my black openings.

I wish you enjoyed the exercises. If you have any comments, questions or encouraging words, then please write a comment or a message! Thank you!