Round 2: Cracking under the pressure

IM attilaturzo
Apr 3, 2017, 2:26 AM |

Yesterday I spent too much time on analyzing the 1st round game and writing the blog post, so I did have very little time for preparing to my game.

I played with Kazbek Primbatov from Kazakhstan. He is in a good form. Before this tourney He played int he Budapest Spring festival and makde 4,5 out of 9 against 7 International and 2 Grandmasters and gained 40 rating points. 

He played a line which I did not prepare before the game, just looked it briefly last week, but the game showed it was not enough deep.

On move 7 I already forgot the move order and got an unfamiliar position. I allowed him to build up a blockade and a strong knight on c5 and my queenside pieces were undeveloped.

In the middlegame I managed to slowly build up my position and live under the pressure.

He made a break in the center which gave me the chance to exchange queens and equalize, but I missed Nb5 which put me again under the pressure.

I played anoter 10 good defensive move and it was again equal objectively, but I was under the pressure in time trouble and I missed an active knight move with a checkmate treat which costed me material and one more mistake the game.

There were 2 positive things about this game:

1. I was able to play under big pressure and equalize 2 times and cracked only in the time toruble. This also gives me a tast, use better my time. This is true for everyhting in my life. I want to do better time management.

2. I dealt much better with the lose than before. Most of the other times when I lost a game I went quickly out of the tournament hall and I did not analyse the game with my opponent. This time when I felt I will lose I said myself to change this habit and I was able to do it.

A Great victory over myself! This way I can learn also from my opponents.

The game:

The result of round 2:
Round 2 on 2017/04/02 at 14.30
Bo. No. Rtg     Name Result   Name   Rtg No.
1 10 2401   GM Ilincic Zlatko 1 - 0 FM Rydstrom Tom   2313 6
2 7 2267   IM Nemeth Zoltan ½ - ½   Zlatin Alexander   2195 5
3 8 2249   FM Lyell Mark ½ - ½ FM Stigar Petter   2235 4
4 9 2277   WFM Terbe Julianna 1 - 0   Hill Alistair   2209 3
5 1 2330   IM Turzo Attila 0 - 1   Primbetov Kazbek   2297 2

Standing after round 2:

Name Country Rating Points Rating +/-
Primbetov Kazbek KAZ 2297 1,5 10,4
2 WFM Terbe Julianna HUN 2277 1,5 8,8
Zlatin Alexander ISR 2195 1,5 30,4

FM Lyell Mark ENG 2249 1,5 8,4
5 FM Stigar Petter NOR 2235 1 1,2

IM Nemeth Zoltan HUN 2267 1 -1,4
7 IM Turzo Attila HUN 2330 1 0,5
8 GM Ilincic Zlatko SRB 2401 1 -2,2
Hill Alistair ENG 2209 0 -17

FM Rydstrom Tom SWE 2313 0 -20,8


Round 3 on 2017/04/03 at 14.30
Bo. No. Rtg     Name Result   Name   Rtg No.
1 2 2297     Primbetov Kazbek   GM Ilincic Zlatko   2401 10
2 3 2209     Hill Alistair   IM Turzo Attila   2330 1
3 4 2235   FM Stigar Petter   WFM Terbe Julianna   2277 9
4 5 2195     Zlatin Alexander   FM Lyell Mark   2249 8
5 6 2313   FM Rydstrom Tom   IM Nemeth Zoltan   2267 7

I will play with the young english player Alistair Hill

He got his international rating 4 years ago and his peak rating was last year at 2264.

He lost the first 2 games, so I am sure he will give his best to get his first point. 

He was able to win against a Grandmaster and get a draw against a 2701 rated grandmaster in sharp, attacking positions.

He starts with 1.Nf3 or 1.d4

I plan to play the slav and get a solid position and play for an endgame.