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Sergey Karyakin's 3 questions before he moves.

Nov 6, 2012, 2:28 PM 20

Stig. a friend of mine and student from Sweden asked me:  

"Attila, what is your 3 main questions you ask yourself before you do a move , maybe you could also ask the great player S. Karjakin, if you do the same or not?"

I replied him this:
"I ask these questions before I make a move:
1.What does my opponent want with his last move?
2.Is there a possibility to win with a combination?
3.What moves helps me to go closer to my long term goals?
4.If I play the move which I want to move, then what possibilities I may give to my opponent?
5.Am I ready to deal with his reaction?
I sent your question to Sergey Karyakin and wait for his answer."
I just got a message from Sergey Karyakin, who is the 7th best player of the World and the record holder of the world youngest grandmaster.
Attila Turzo   Attila Turzo @AttilaTurzo 06 Nov
@SergeyKaryakin A student wrote to me: ask the great player S. Karjakin:What is your 3 main questions you ask yourself before you do a move?

Sergey Karyakin  
@AttilaTurzo 1. I want to play this. 2. This is bad. 3. Who cares? 

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