Simul game Clifton Burdette-Attila Turzo

Simul game Clifton Burdette-Attila Turzo

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Aug 24, 2015, 4:58 PM |

 I played this game against one of my students Clifton Burdette on the 22nd August 2015.

He played an unusual variation in the sicilian defense. He moved his knight to f5 and he created a strong position for his other knight on e4. He started to push his pawns on the kingside and under the pressure I made a mistake and he got 2 pieces for a rook.

He continued to play good, stoped my passed pawns and he got a wining advantage.

My last hope was a checkmate threat in the time trouble and I was happy to play the winning move in the end.

You can watch the recording of our live coaching session about this game:


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