Space advantage

Space advantage

IM attilaturzo
Jul 18, 2018, 2:25 PM |

My opponent played again a strange opening after yesterday 1.e4 c5 2.Nh3.

He played e6,d6,c6,f6,g6. We played a game in this opening around 1 week ago. In that game I got an advantage, but it ended as a draw. Yesterday I analysed all 3 games I played before with grimzovich. I lost 2 games with black and made a draw with white.

Today I decided to gain space and wanted to setup a position which is popular against the french defense. I played d4, e4 and f4 to be ready to play e5 and gain more space.

I got a big development advantage, but I played slow when I could advance with g4 and with c4.

I play Ne5 to temporaly sacrifice the piece. He did not accept and that gave me a big advantage.

He tried to attack my king, but I was able to block the attack and increase the pressure on the kingside.

At the end, his queen was trapped:

I think in positions with space advantage important to keep gaining more space and use the tactical chances.

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I wish you learnt a few things and will see you soon!