Strong center in the hyper-accelerated dragon

Strong center in the hyper-accelerated dragon

IM attilaturzo
Aug 6, 2018, 1:19 PM |

In the hyper-accelerated dragon, black develops his dragon bishop quickly, without the d7-d6 pawn move, because he wants to challenge the white center with d7-d5.

One of the typical white mistakes is to capture the c6 knight because it allows black to recapture with the b-pawn to c6 to support the d7-d5 advance.

In my last rapid game, my Russian opponent captured on c6 and he allowed me to build up a super strong f5,e5,d5 pawn center. He counter-attacked it very well with f2-f4 to exchange the middle of my pawn phalanx. My best reply was to advance my a-pawn to challenge his queenside pawns, but I missed that and I concentrated on the advance of the d-pawn. Instead of pushing his c-pawn to c4 and fixing the center, he captured to d4 and allowed me to activate my rook on the b-file and get a better position. He missed the penetration and resigned in a position which would have still need a big effort to win.

I wish you enjoyed the game and gained some new ideas which you can use in your future games!

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