Supercharge my chess - day 5

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Sep 17, 2016, 5:09 PM |

Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course

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 My goals: 

1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I hope 21 days of organized study of the course will build my habit to create and follow my study plans after the course finished.
2. I want to win a Titled tuesday tournament in 2016
3. I want to win a Death match in 2016
4. I want to be one of  the top 10 rated blitz (3-5 minutes game) player on
The structure of the study of Day 5 was the following:
- Theoretical section:

Today I studied an important method about how to avoid 90% of my blunders. If this method works, then we can save many games.

My old trainers ,when I was junior, told me also this method and I used it in tournaments.

The key idea is the following: when you decided which move you want to play, before you use 10-15 seconds to make a blundercheck. Look all the possible checks, captures and attacking moves for the opponent.

This way you can prevent lot of big mistakes.

I suggest you to try this method in your online games too, when you have at least 30 minutes for the game.

Practical section:

Master game:

Today's game showed a sacrifice to break in to a closed position.

Please use the 7 component method to evaulate the position and find a good move for white!


I solved 6 challenging tactical puzzles.
First todad I had a puzzle which I can not fully solved.

White to move:

This was easier, but very nice.
Black to move:


Today a rook and pawn versus rook endgame was presented, where the play without the pawn had the more active rook and achieved the draw by always attacking the pawn or checking the king. I missed the solution and later studied it deeply.

Can you find the best series of moves to save the game?

Conclusions of the Day 5 of the 

1. I learnt the importance of making a blundercheck for 5-10 seconds before the actual move, because it helps to prevent blunders.

2. Today's master game showed a method how to improve the position in a closed game. Sacrificing material for being able to penetrate the the opponent's position.

3. I solved puzzles about forcing the opponent pieces to the desired squares.

4. The rook endgame showed how important to have an active rook even when we are pawn down. It showed the side-attack method to keep the opponent rook and king busy.

I decided to follow how much time I use every day for the study and monitor the total time used too.

Today I used 45 minutes. The total time I used until today is 2 hours and 56 minutes. You can follow the daily training times in this --> document

I wish you enjoyed today's ideas and puzzles
 of the course! I was happy to show you my experiences about the Day 5 of the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course Smile

Until tomorrow you can find the details of the  21 days to Supercharge your chess course if you click here and you can become a student too.

You can read about the past days:


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