Supercharge my chess - day 7

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Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course

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 My goals: 

1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I hope 21 days of organized study of the course will build my habit to create and follow my study plans after the course finished.
2. I want to win a Titled tuesday tournament in 2016
3. I want to win a Death match in 2016
4. I want to be one of  the top 10 rated blitz (3-5 minutes game) player on
The structure of the study of Day 7 was the following:

- Theoretical section:

Today I studied about the importance of good phisical condition for good chess. 

Our brain can concentrate well if we have phisical energy in the long term. Tournament chess games can last 5-6 hours. Se we need to have a good stamina to have a crystal clear view of the attacks and defenses in the second half of the game and in the endgame.

All top players practice sport. Running, soccer, swimming or going to the gym.

Necessary to do it at least 2 times a week.

Once a running trainer said me I am talented in running. Then I started to run every day 1-1,5 hours. After a few months I played my best performances in tournaments. I played around 100 points higher than before. I did not learn anything new, just ran. I could concentrate very well.

Practical section:

Master game:

Today's game was played in the World Championship match in 2003. It was a good example about how to defend. 

Leko exchanged Kramnik's good pieces and then he was able to defend the opposite colour bishop endgame.

Here is the full game with some annotations:


Today's 6 tactics were beautiful with some nice sacrfices, even a queen sacrifice!

I liked the most this one:

Pretty one:


Today's endgame was a pawn endgame, where the defender needed to find the right way for the blockade.

Can you find it?

Conclusions of the Day 7 of the 

1. I learnt the importance of phisical preparation for playing in a top shape. Top mental performance needs top phisical condition. We need to train our body at least 2 times a week!
2. In today's master game we learnt, How to neutralise an attack by echanges of the right pieces.

3. I solved puzzles about forcing pieces to the desired squares.
4. The pawn endgame showed how important to follow the attacker king to be able to block it at the end.

I decided to follow how much time I use every day for the study and monitor the total time used too.

Today I used 80 minutes. The total time I used until today is 5 hours and 16 minutes. You can follow the daily training times in this --> document

I wish you enjoyed today's tips and exerciseses
 of the course! I was happy to show you my experiences about the Day 7 of the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course Smile

Until tomorrow you can find the details of the  21 days to Supercharge your chess course if you click here and you can become a student too.

You can read about the past days:


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Day 3

Day 4

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If you would like to create your own training plan and would like to know how to study chess better, then check this course! 


I use the Chessmood opening courses:

1.e4 with white

Accelerated dragon with black

Benko-gambit with black    

Would you like to supercharge your chess? 

I studied the Supercharge Your Chess in 21 days course and

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