The final

IM attilaturzo
Apr 12, 2017, 5:35 AM |

Yesterday was the final game. Before the game 1 player had 6 points and I was on the 2nd place with one other player with 5 points. I wanted to win to have a chance to win the tourney.

My opponent was the young Woman-FIDE master Julianna Terbe.

She played a very solid opening. Looked like she wants to go for the draw. I wanted to win and took too much risk.

She created a nice pressure on my queenside and when I wanted to free my position with c5, she played d5 to keep the center closed and she penetrated on the queenside with the rooks.

I had a last chance in the time trouble. I could give up the exchange in a way how I would get enough compensation.

She played very well the endgame.

The results of the last round:
Round 9 on 2017/04/11 at 14.30
Bo. No. Rtg     Name Result   Name   Rtg No.
1 5 2195     Zlatin Alexander 0 - 1 GM Ilincic Zlatko   2401 10
2 6 2313   FM Rydstrom Tom 1 - 0 FM Stigar Petter   2235 4
3 7 2267   IM Nemeth Zoltan 0 - 1   Hill Alistair   2209 3
4 8 2249   FM Lyell Mark 1 - 0   Primbetov Kazbek   2297 2
5 9 2277   WFM Terbe Julianna 1 - 0 IM Turzo Attila   2330 1
The final rank:
Name Federation rating points tie decider rating change
Primbetov Kazbek KAZ 2297 6 26,25 24,4
2 FM Lyell Mark ENG 2249 5 22 17,6
Zlatin Alexander ISR 2195 5 20,75 64,4
4 IM Turzo Attila HUN 2330 5 20 -2,1
5 WFM Terbe Julianna HUN 2277 4,5 20 0,2
6 FM Rydstrom Tom SWE 2313 4,5 19,75 -9,8
7 GM Ilincic Zlatko SRB 2401 4,5 18,5 -16,4
8 IM Nemeth Zoltan HUN 2267 4 18,5 -3,7
9 FM Stigar Petter NOR 2235 4 18 1,4
Hill Alistair ENG 2209 2,5 11,25 -21,6
The conclusions:
I played well in long positional battles and endgames.
I think this came from my many year experience.
I got some uncomfortable positions out of the openings.
I prepared a very little before the tourney and also a small anount before the games.
I made tactical mistakes, miscalculations.
I think this is the sign of no experience of playing and very little work on combinations.
I think the last years of teachings helped me to understand strategy better, but I became much weaker in calculation and in concrete opening lines.
I played fighting chess, all of my games were decided. No draws!
5 wins and 4 losses. I lost 2 rating points.
The atmosphere was great. The players, the arbiters and the organizer were kind and nice.
The tournament hall was huge and the lightening was good.
What are my plans for the future?
I want to reach 2900 and be the Worlc Chess Champion.
I am 38 years old and my current FIDE rating is 2330.
Vassily Ivanchuk became World Rapid Champion at age 47.
Anand was World Champion at age 43.
I think I have enough time to reach my goals.
I think if everything adjusted to top perfermance, then people can have there peek much longer than before.
First I need to setup a study plan and start to train.
I also need to start to play in tourneys regularly.
I think the best would be to play 1 long tournament monthly with 9-11 games.
I think the best would be if when I play in a tourney, then I would not teach, just focus on the tourney and teach between the tourneys.
It means I would have around the half of the days monthly for teaching, then before.
I think I need to create new income sources to finance our life and also to pay related costs of chess tourneys, coaching, chess tools.
I think to create a membership site where I would share how I am preparing, my opening lines, exercises which I use for coaching.
Where I would annotate my tourney games.
We would have a private forum for the members where they can ask me any questions.
This membership site would finance my preparation and tourneys.
I hope to attract sponsors and supporters of all kind.
What I would like to give is my honest views and opinions.
I think no top player before open his life for the public.
I think one of my strenght also when I teach my students, I can build a very good connection with all level of players and I have a friendly attitude to all kind of people.
What do you think? Please share your ideas!