The Maroczy Bind against the accelerated dragon

The Maroczy Bind against the accelerated dragon

IM attilaturzo
Aug 1, 2018, 6:51 AM |

The accelerated dragon is a very good attacking weapon when white plays similar ideas like when he plays against the normal dragon, 4.Nc3 with Be3, Bc4 ideas or Nb3 with Be2 and short castle.

The real challenge of the accelerated and the hyper-accelerated dragon is the Maroczy Bind. 

Named after the famous Hungarian Grandmaster Géza Maróczy. 

White plays 4.c4 and block most of the black's attacking chances and force him into a defensive position and less space.

Yesterday I played with a Russian player and I experienced how hard can be to play against the Maroczy-Bind.

I played the modern variation where black plays early Nf6, d6, and Nxd4 with quick development of the pieces. 

The problem with that line is when white plays Na4, forcing the exchange of the queens and going for a slightly better endgame where black has no chance for a win.

I played a new idea, I waited with the f7-f5 counterplay and went for a blockade on the kingside. I was able to save the game, but I missed an attacking idea from my opponent and lost my f4 pawn and the game.

After the game I decided to play the old line with Bg7, which allows black to keep the queens on the board and have some winning chances:

I wish you enjoyed the game and gained some new ideas which you can use in your future games!

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Have a wonderful day!