CCC Pre-Opening Plus Score #1: Round 1 (02/13/2016)

Feb 25, 2016, 6:18 PM |
Sorry for the recent lack of activity, guys....but now I'm finally getting back on the bandwagon of game analysis after a couple of fairly quiet days on my blog due to being busy with various other personal stuff non-chess related. Here, I am exploring a game that I played at the Chicago Chess Center Pre-Opening Plus Score #1 tournament, which featured 4 rounds of intense G/65 d5 play, and many high quality players (including a sizeable number of masters, experts, and Class A players). Even more crazily, I got a chance to get my butt whooped by a >1800, class A player for the first time in 8 months (the last time I played someone with a rating more than 1800 in a USCF rated tournament was back in June 2015, where I had to face a 2200ish rated FIDE Master in my last round of a G/24 d5 rapid tournament!).
Overall, I felt that this game was fairly reasonably done on both sides, with no major mistakes on either end, but feel free to comment if I or White made some major mistakes that I probably didn't catch in my analysis. (or particularly good moves/playing style characteristics, if any.)