CCC Pre-Opening Plus Score #2: Round 3 (03/26/2016)

Apr 3, 2016, 7:28 PM |

My third game of this past Saturday's tournament pit me against a Class B player, rated 1677. This also happened to be the same opponent that one of the best kindergarten chess child prodigies in my state (also the national kindergarten chess champion of 2015!) had a draw with after Round 2. And apparently I was fortunate enough to also have a draw against him, so it was another pretty good upset to score :)


Funny enough, both of us lost our queens in the game (not through piece trading, though), but in my loss of my queen (which happened after his loss of his queen), I was able to gain two minor pieces for it, and so that put me at a whole minor piece ahead of him in the endgame. Unfortunately, I was significantly low on time compared to him, and due to that + my tendency of unfortunate fate in endgames, I decided to just offer him a draw anyway, which he accepted. (as a 939-rated player, you still gain LOTS of rating points even just from a draw against a 1677!!!!)