CCC Pre-Opening Plus Score #2: Round 4 (03/26/2016)

Apr 3, 2016, 8:45 PM |

Last round of the CCC Pre-Opening Plus Score #2 tournament was against a 1577-rated Class C player. Like the previous game, I was way behind my opponent in terms of clock time in the end, yet up material (though only by a pawn this time), didn't want to risk losing the endgame due to blundering or flagging, so settled on a draw (which again helped my rating, but then again it definitely might've been more fun/educational to play out the endgame). As the endgame is something that I want to further develop as a thriving chess skill, personally, feel free to suggest any tips you have based on this round's endgame :)

(Opening: Sicilian, Hyper-Accelerated Dragon)