Hales Corners Challenge XXIII: Round 1 (04/09/2016)

Apr 15, 2016, 7:01 PM |

Last Saturday, I traveled to Milwaukee (more specifically, a suburb of it half an hour west) for the Southwest Chess Club's 23rd Hales Corners Challenge, a G/60 d6 tournament. It turned out quite decently well for me, and I ended up finishing with 2.0/4 (one of my wins was even a 239-point upset!) and a 42-point rating climb. Progress is pretty.


My first round game of that tournament was one of the most interesting ones I've ever played. Despite my early bedhead/half-sleepy knight blunder in the opening, there were a good number of interesting ! and ? moves made by both myself and my opponent throughout the game, and a pretty surprising number of tricky and fun tactics from my opponent (he was unrated, and came out with a post-tournament rating of 1374), so I'd like to acknowledge him for his creativity :) A lot to learn from here! (hence very worthwhile for a blog post)