Tim Just Winter Open: Round 1 (1/16/16)

Feb 9, 2016, 11:07 PM |

Here, I analyze my first round game played at the Tim Just Winter Open, one of the most presitigious annual chess tournaments in my area. Lots of high caliber, quality players were there, and there was a large sum of prize money (none of which I won) that was definitely a huge incentive for the large quantity of masters, experts, and class A's who attended the tournament. In the first round, I played Black against Marc Dragosz, a Class C player with a rating in the 1400s range. The time control was G/90 increment 30, which meant 30 extra seconds added to the clock at the end of each player's move, so notation was required for the entire game. (thus more analysis, yay!)


Continuing my hoping-to-be-regularly tradition of analyzing and blog-posting my tournament games, here's another old tournament game I felt was quite tactically and positionally interesting for both sides. (I played Black) The material ended up being equal for both White and Black throughout pretty much the whole game, but my position was quite bad in the middlegame compared to White's. At the endgame, it seemed a little better, and the game eventually ended in a draw thanks to three-fold repetition. It felt quite satisfying at the end since my opponent was more than 400 points higher than I was, but I'm not sure if the outcome of the game was due to good decisions on my end, bad decisions on White's end, or a mix of both. So feel free to let me know your thoughts on my thoughts, my moves (especially the endgame; I feel like my position ended up being slightly better than White's at the end, so I wonder if there was possibly a way that I could have scored a win (one class A friend of mine thought it was possible) instead of a draw, and how?), or the quality of the overall gameplay for both White and Black.