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Should you spin it while playing Chess ??

Should you spin it while playing Chess ??

Jul 2, 2017, 12:42 PM 3


I started to wonder about this recently, do I actually get distracted while doing tactics trainer or playing an online match when spinning a fidget spinner or is it ok or maybe even beneficial.

After thinking about this question multiple times and doing a bit of self analysis I came with the data that a few days before I started writing this I saw that I had done 15 tactics in 32 mins with a fidget spinner then I noted that a few days before in a hotel room without my fidget spinners I did 15 in 23 min. But my live chess has improved a bit ( I don't play so much live chess on chess.com I play on a different website ), now I am guessing maybe the fidget spinner helps me from snapping in chess matches.


 A little popularity graph:



Tough all I think I can still say right now is that it could be a little distracting at non-online tournaments for you and more for your opponent (noise). I will come up with more data soon maybe even a few interviews.


Please feel free to post your ideas about this below :

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