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How to fight a Super GM!

How to fight a Super GM!

Aug 21, 2017, 12:30 PM 1
Hello guys!
In this post I'm going to discuss about how to play against much higher rated opponent.
Back in 2012, it was the first time I played for Thailand National Team in the Olympiad. I was very excited. Especially the first round, where our team was paired to a very strong team, Turkey. All of their members are 2500+. Not often you've got the chance to play against such strong players like that.
Most of Thai spectators told me before the game, 'play as solid as you can, perhaps you can draw'. I immediately disagreed. The strong player would definitely be happy if I did that. This is not how chess works.
In the end, I was very happy regardless the loss. Imagine if I have a position like this every games I play strong players, I would have won some.
So, what's the lesson here?
When you play a strong player be aggressive as possible! I knew it from my experience, when playing a lower rated player. What I fear most is when they attack! Playing solid and trying to hold the game is a wrong concept, you will always lose!
The strong players have better positional understanding, they will outplay you and win in any position. On the other hand, tactical skills are not much different, as every player can learn it from the beginning, plus tactics are lethal. When the position turn in to dynamic nature, the chance will become, 50/50.
I hope that this game will inspire you, and make you become less fear of strong players. The key concept is attack! You have nothing to lose, they should be the one who fear actually. 


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