Here are two brilliant games played by two future World Champions, each one against a strong Hungarian opponent in 1921.

The first games pits the Russian, Alexander Alekhine (Oct. 31, 1892 - Mar. 24, 1946), against the Hungarian, Károly Sterk (Sept. 29, 1881 -  Dec. 10, 1946). Everyone knows about Alekhine; no one knows about Sterk.






In the second game, the usually staid Dutch Champion, Machgielis Euwe  (May 20, 1901 - Nov.26, 1981) plays a wild King's Gambit against the great Hungarian player, Geza Maroczy  (Mar. 3, 1870 - May 29, 1951).  Marocy had recently come out of retirement.  Maroczy was a close friend of Max Euwe and his once chess instructor. Both shared the distinction of being impeccable gentlemen.