A Clever Little King's Gambit

Dec 7, 2011, 1:09 PM |

A while back I had started a thread in the forums about brilliancies.  Of course, under the massive volume of everything that comprises chess.com, the beautiful games have been buried and forgotten.  I wanted to resurrect some of them at least temporarily.  Here is one I like:

Karl Lepge (1831-1890) and August Saalbach (seemingly 1800-1864) played a series of games, two of which are recorded in Fiske's (and Morphy's) 1860 Chess Monthly.  Both Lepge and Saalbach had some loses published in Schachzeitung against Anderssen and Paulsen. They were all played even, so apparently they were both players of some force.  In this KGA (Bishop's Gambit) game however, Saalbach loses to Lepge's clever, some might say brilliant, play:





But to be fair to Saalbach, here is a pretty miniature he won in 1861: