A Most Peculiar Occurance

Jun 16, 2011, 12:55 PM |

While researching the Café de la Régence, I stumbled upon this very unexpected article in the American Chess Bulletin August, 1907                     

                                     At the Cafe de la Regence.

     In the interim between the tournaments at Ostend and Carlsbad, F. J. Marshall visited Paris and while here was invited, together with Tartakower of Vienna, to meet a few of the leading Parisian players in a tournament especially arranged in their honor at the Cafe de la Regence. The outcome of the meeting was somewhat a surprise, for Marshall and Tartakower were both beaten in the tournament by a Greek player of the name of M. Antoniadi, long a resident of the French capital. Antoniadi, however, lost a game to De Villeneuve and in consequence of this, his only setback, tied with Marshall for first and second places. Thereupon Marshall won the play-off and obtained chief honors, with Tartakower placed third. We are indebted to La Strategie for the score of the game we print herewith, the annotations being by the winner. The summary of the contest is appended:
Player                                           won     lost
Antoniadi                                         6        1
Marshall                                           6        1
Tartkower                                       5         2
De Villeneuve                                4         3
Lazard                                               2         5
Pape                                                   2         5
Hagen                                                1.5      5.5
Weinstein                                        1.5      5.5