About Women and Chess

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  Over the years I've tried to examine and present chess' many aspects. I've always felt that chess and it's surrounding culture far transcends the  champions, great players, and classic games.  Most of the lesser aspects, usually the more interesting parts, get trampled underfoot in the constant telling and retelling of the relatively few major aspects.  In the realm of chess development women have played a very minor role.  There are reasons for this, but whatever the reasons might be, they don't change the bottom line.
          However, women have played their own supporting roles. These roles have traditionally been, if not mostly ignored, at best pushed to the back pages.  Maybe this is the correct way to handle minor things, but then again, the devil is often in
the details. At any rate, knowing that women's contributions have largely gone unnoticed, I've spent considerable time over the years trying to entertain, interest and regale readers with tales of chess and the ladies or with articles from a feminine perspective.
          Writing blogs has certain drawbacks.  The chief drawback is that there is no good way to index content.  While some of the content comes up through a search, nothing is ever exposed for browsing or window shopping. I decided to make a summary page listing and linking everything I've wriiten and could find that deals with women and chess.

My Summary of Female Topics

Women's Chess in England
Judy: Introduction
          Judy's Problems
                  Part I
                  Part II
                  Part III
                  Part IV
                  Part V
                  Part VI

Miss Nellie Down and the Devil
Ladies' Entry into the Chess World
Ladies' Chess Club: First year

Ladies' Chess Club: Early Years
Ladies' Chess Club: Middle Years
Pillsbury and the Ladies
Little Mother, Part I
Little Mother, Part II
Houlding, Herring and Sidney
Some Turn-of-the-Century Ladies
Madame Ludovici of Wiesbaden
Signorina Fagan
Mlle. Schwartzmann
You Play Like an Old Lady!
Patricia Anne Sunnucks
Edith E. Helen Winter-Wood Baird
These Women Can Play Chess

Women's Chess in America

Revolutionary Chess Ladies
The Queen of Chess, Part I
The Queen of Chess, Part II
The Queen of Chess, Part III
The Queen of Chess, Part IV
American Ladies' Championship
Women of the Great Unknown
2nd American Women's Chess Congress
Rosa Jefferson
A St. Louis Women's Champion
Moore on Ladies' Chess 
First 17 Years of Organized Women's Chess in America
Adele Rivero Belcher
Karff's Revenge
Women in Chess - 1937
Rosemarie Fischer - 1939
Women in Chess - 1940 
Girl Prodigy
American Women
Willa and Edith
Jackie P
The Markowskis
Mary, Mary  Pt.1
Mary, Mary  Pt.2
An Incidental Champion - Nancy Roos
Lisa Lane
The Mysterious Diane Savereide
Diane Savereide - revisited
Savereide and Cardoso
Savereide and Jackson
Gone too Soon - Elena Donaldson
Glimpses into the not-too-distant Past
Women in Chess
The Schuhplatter Chess Tournament
Land of 1000 Dances

Other Countries
Girl Prodigy II (Cuba)
Edith Keller  (Germany) 
Je Maintiendrai  (Holland) 

Essays and Other Things

Women Can Play Chess!
What Girls' Dreams Are Made Of
Chess, the Swimsuit Issue?
Why I Play Chess. . .
Of a Like Mind
One Girl's Online Chess Life
Why Women Can't Play Chess
Chess Bitch - a Review