Cazenove's Queen Sac

Dec 4, 2011, 5:54 PM |

A while back I had started a thread in the forums about brilliancies.  Of course, under the massive volume of everything that comprises, the beautiful games have been buried and forgotten.  I wanted to resurrect some of them at least temporarily.  Here is one I like:

John Cazenove (1788-1879)  was the son of a Genevese merchant who migrated to London.  He published, anonymously, some pamplets on economics, such as "Principles of Political Economy" and also published a now-rare chess book entitled "A selection of curious and entertaining games at Chess"  in 1817. George Walker claimed the games presented in Cazenove's book are brilliant. Cazenove was also president of the London Chess Club for a time.

Here, Cazenove lets us witness a brilliant Queen sacrifice in a King's Gambit miniature.