Chess Automatons by Sarah Beth

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First, I want to acknowledge member, gretagarbo, for all the help rendered to me, especially in researching Ajeeb. I would go as so far as to say I would have had very little new information on Ajeeb without that help.

Second, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Jane Irwin's "Clockwork Game," a webcomic, or as she terms it, a docudrama, based (with uncanny accuracy) on the Turk.  If you enjoy reading about this pseudo-automaton, visit Jane's pages. I promise, you won't regret it.



Below I've linked all my articles (some may not yet be available). 


The Turk

    The Turk at Odds 
      Maelzel, Schlumberger and the Turk
      Brewster's Letters on Natural Magic
      Robert-Houdin and the Turk
      E.A. Poe and the Turk - Part I
      E.A. Poe and the Turk - Part II
      An Attempt to Analyse the Automaton Chess Player by Robert Willis 
The Turk - Joseph Friedrich Freiherr zu Racknitz

      Inanimate Reason by Carl-Gottlieb von Windisch
      Observations on an Automaton Chess Player by an Oxford Graduate. 1819.
      The Chess Automaton by George Walker, Part I
      The Chess Automaton by George Walker, Part II
      The Automaton by John Timbs
      The Turk - from the Diary of Robert Gilmor
      The Automaton Chess-player - Cornhill Magazine
      Address to the Automaton Chess-player
      The Last of a Veteran Chess Player



      The Strange and Wondrous Ajeeb
      Eden Musée
      The Mysterious Ajeeb - The Pride of the Eden Musée
      The Mysterious Ajeeb - Chess Reporter 1932
      Ajeeb - Odds and Ends
      The Automaton Whist-player 


      Mephisto the Magnificent
      How Mephisto Was Caught: Chess Legend
      Mephisto - promotional material
      Mephisto Revisisted




Books I couldn't find:

The history and analysis of the supposed automaton chess player of M. de Kempelen,: Now exhibiting in this country by Mr. Maelzel; with lithographic figures, ... method by which its motions are directed 
by Gamaliel Bradford (1826)
[Dr. Gamaliel Bradford, born in 1795, was the Superintendent of Massachusetts General Hospital from Oct. 11, 1833 until his death from epilepsy on Oct. 3, 1839.]

Observations upon the automaton chess player of von Kempelen, and upon other automata and androides, now exhibiting in the United States, by Mr. Maelzel: ... upon the chess-board, by the knight's move
by Thomas P Jones (1827)

Modus operandi, or, The automaton chess-player: A play in three acts, with prefatory remarks, and extracts from original letters on De Kempelin's automaton chess-player, published in 1784
by J Walker (1866)

The automaton chess-player
by E. S D. (1859)