Apr 3, 2013, 3:40 PM |

Here are some combinations from Irving Chernev's "Combinations: The Heart of Chess."


Black resigned after White's next move:




Black resigned after White's 30th move in this deep combination:

Click HERE for a fantastic combination Mark Taimanov played against Kusminich in 1950.



Here is a complex comination employing diversion and interference to reach it's goal:

Had Black played 1......h1=Q, then 2. Rxf7+ wins.

Another brilliant, and quite sacrificial, combination by Victor Soultanbeieff:

Amazingly, White will mate with his Rook on e7 in just 4 moves:

A simple, yet pleasing, combination, involing both a clearance sacrifice and a Queen sac, from photographer, Philip Richardson, one of those under-appreciated amateurs of the 19th century against the inconsistant Eugene Delmar:

One last clever combination, this time from Blacks side: