Content Summary


In the year and a half or so that I've been here I've published a lot of content. I can't judge the quality of my own contributions but I've always worked under the assumption that if something interests me, it probably interests someone else.  Fortunately my chess interests are myriad so my content varies across the spectrum of chess, hopefully touching areas that interest everyone.  Although I think of my blog here as about the Content rather than about Myself,  because each entry (including this one) involves anywhere from a couple hours to a dozen or more hours to prepare, I would naturally like to keep all the content readily accessible to anyone who might find it worthwhile.  So, I've prepared a lising of all my postings on this blog (i.e., not including the Chess History Club  or other miscellaneous postings). 

Because of the quantity, I made the font tiny. Remember, if you want to zoom in, press ctrl +  (hold down the ctrl key while pressing the (+) key [or the (-) key to reduce it 10%] - no shift key is needed)  to magnify 10% with each keystroke. 

Bill Wall Tires Me Out
Marcel II
Marcel III
Sheriff Spens
Edith E. Helen Winter-Wood Baird
Je Maintiendrai
The History of Chess (in a nutshell)
Morphy's Chess Problem
The Age of Chess
Smoke and Mirrors
Famous Game I
Famous Game II
Russian Chess
The Romance of Chess
Reti or Not
1895 - Part I
1895 - Part II
random thoughts
Chigorin, Chigorin, Chigorin!
"A most Extraordinary Mate"
Sarah's School of Manners
Carnivore Chess
A Carnivore Tidbit
Women in Chess - 1937
Women in Chess - 1940
Rosemarie Fischer - 1939
Mate in 35
Long Lost Brothers
Women's Chess
Chess for Blood, Chess for Fun
Searching for the Other Bobby Fischer
The Chess Village
The Chess Village- Journey to Ströbeck
Dadian and Schiffers Fall Out
Chigorin on Steinitz
Chigorin on Tarrasch, Lasker, Janowski, Russians
Jewish Rye
Art for Art's Sake - not!
Chess in WWII
Likesforest's Long Whip
Bernhard Horwitz
Rybka gets an old-fashioned butt whoopin'
Najdorf, Che - from my Journal
Coming-Out Party
A Rather Well-Known Game
A Rather Un-known Game
In the Mood for a Quickie?
A Marvel named Aljechin
Fireworks in November
The Great Radio Match of 1945
Réti Plays the Reti
BCM 1896
Frank James Marshall, 1904
Morphy set to Music
la Régence
Ben Frankin and Chess
Diversions and Cheating
Pawns move both ways...
Henri l'Oiseau

The Order of the Mandarins of the Yellow Button
The "Discovery" of America
Chess in Philidelphia
An American Problemist I
An American Problemist II
Three American Chess Editors
Ernest Morphy
Three from the Sixth
Why Women Can't Play Chess
Women Can Play Chess! 
How I Study History
The King is Dead
Remarks on Fischer
Japanese Chess
Morphy's Later Life
Like Father, Like Son
The Man Who Wouldn't Play Morphy
Remember When Fischer Went Postal?
Tilting at Windmills
Chess in the Press
Chess Bits and Pieces
One Girl's Online Chess Life
That Krazy Kieseritzky
Lionel Kieseritzky
The Last Bivouac
Mating Patterns (Part 1)
Mating Patterns (Part 2)
Mating Patterns (Part 3)
How do I mate thee; let me count the ways - part 1
How do I mate thee; let me count the ways - part 2
My Favorite Chess Picture
Storming the Castle
America's 1st Notable Black Chess Player
What's a girl to do?
Pieces and Pawns
Dick Cavett Does Bobby Fischer
Women and Chess
Chess - a Hard Sell
The Intellectual Game
Moore on Ladies' Chess
Just Another Day
American Woman
Grigory Yakovlevich
The Boy-Girl Puzzle
Nearly Great, Nearly Forgotten
That Crazy Paul Morphy
Spring Cleaning
Of a Like Mind
Of a Like Mind
mmmmm. . . pleasure. . .
My Pet Peeves
Why I Play Chess. . .
Inside Max Euwe
Two Minor Champs - One Major Game
Mlle. Schwartzmann
Mars: the God of War
The Café de la Régence
Down Under
Georgia on my Mind
Tigran L. Petrosian
The Man Who Beat Bobby Fischer


Mr. Pollock
Tennis anyone?
Irish Chess
More Irish Chess
Savereide and Jackson
Ye Olde London Chess Club
Hastings 1895
Hastings 1895, INTRODUCTION.
Hastings 1895, Prizes
Hastings 1895, Problem-Solving Tourney
Hastings 1895, Some Miscellany
Hastings 1895, Rules and Regulations
Hastings 1895 - The Contestants
Hastings 1895, The Amateur Tourney
Hastings 1895, from BMC
Hastings 1895 - H. F. Cheshire
Philadelphian Chess Players
The Italian Anderssen
Chess during the American Civil War
A Georgian Prince
S. S. Boden
Morphy's Mementos
Killer Instinct
The Famous Warsaw Café of Kiev

 Memories of Chigorin
On Howard Staunton
Introduction to the History and Study of Chess
Rice's Gambit
Morphy's House
Paul Morphy's House Sold
An Anderssen Anecdote by Lasker
Of Many Men
Traps - Pt. 1
Traps - Pt.2
Traps - Pt. 3
Traps - Pt. 4
Traps - Pt. 5
Traps - Pt. 6
Traps - Pt. 7
Traps - Pt. 8
Tarrasch Traps Two Masters
Some Civil War Stuff
"a lifeless leader in this bloodless field"
The Pride and Sorrow of American Philosophy
Réti on My Mind
Réti for Morphy
A Medley for Morphy
Judy's Problems - Part I
Judy's Problems - Part II
Judy's Problems - Part III
Judy's Problems - Part IV
Judy's Problems - Part V
Judy's Problems - Part VI
Judy's Problems - Part VII
A Pair of Prodigies
Hollywood Chess
Hollywood Chess II