Herr Lasker - 1892

Sep 11, 2009, 5:48 PM |


British Chess Magazine.  April, 1892

Herr Lasker is a pleasant-featured genial-mannered man, of short stature, with an intellectual cast of countenance.  Generally he may be described as  "a dapper little fellow,"  and but for the everlasting pince-nez, he would have a very youthful look indeed.   Young as he is, he looks "every inch a King" of chess as he sits at the board, calm, imperturbable, and with easy grace.  He plays neither too quickly nor too slowly, and as he moves he gives the onlookers the idea that he hs the game at his finger-ends.  As a player he is not bound to any school.  He can be as brilliant as Morphy or Blackburne, or as cautious as Steinitz or Mason, just as occasion demands.  Generally, he follows what is termed the modern school, but he does this in no slavish spirit, and whilst a devout believer in Steinitz's chess genius, he is not prepared to follow the great master blindly wherever he may lead.  There is a great chess career before Herr Lasker should he be minded to devote himself to the game.


An added bonus - Here is a very unusual photo of Emanuel Lasker, extracted from the 1904 American Chess Bulletin's discussion of his match with Frank Marshall.