Kolisch again...

Oct 27, 2009, 8:40 AM |

I was looking up something about Ignatz Kolisch, which led me to Wiki, which led me to the Wiki discussion page on Kolisch, the type of page I read quite often.  Much of the page dealt with the proper spelling or form of his first name (is it Ignaz, Ignatz, Ignác?) and even his parents first names  (were they Carl Caufman and Regine, Karl Kauffman and Regina?)

Most wryly interesting to me was at one point someone referenced the excerpted passage from George Alcock MacDonnell's The Knights and Kings of Chess that I had recently published here in by blog (Somewhat vindicating the practice of re-publishing old texts online to which recent visitor took exception *).

I also came across a funny page that claimed Kolisch beat the champion Anderssen 5-5 in 1851 (Kolisch, like Morphy, was born in 1837)

However, Anderssen and Kolisch had met over the board at various times and there total score seems to have been entirely even at  +8-8=2.

In their confrontations, Kolisch did hand Anderssen a couple embarrassingly quick defeats:





Anderssen, on the other hand, wiped Kolisch off the board with their shortest game:


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