Live Chess Re-visited

Oct 13, 2009, 6:35 PM |

Everyone who knows me is aware that I only play blitz.  So, it should be apparent that the re-introduction of Live Chess would be a feature in which I take personal interest.

After the long 20 hours downtime we experienced recently, I was very much looking forward to a sleeker, more stable version of Live Chess such as we were able to experience in the short-lived, pre-release beta version.  A few kinks after its release, I find it everything it promised to be- a simple no-frills interface that delivers performance, a believable time-seal and fewer crashes/disconnects.   I've played 66 games from the new Live Chess' inception until the moment of this typing and I've experienced one disconnect of a few seconds, afterwhich I was immediately reconnected and reinstated in the game.  I must say, though, that about a half dozen of my opponents have been disconnected (and re-connected) and a few of them multiple times during a game. 

I'm most used to 10/0 games. I've played a lot of 5/0 games in the past year, but just recently I've started playing 4/0 games. I'm not particularly comfortable playing that fast (yet!) and blunder a lot in time trouble.

I just recently played a 4/0 game where I missed a very quick mate in 2 on move 35 (in time trouble, of course) but was still able to execute my opponent after some maneuvering and fast (for me) moving.  My opponent, however, faced with mate-in-1 disconnected and forced me to wait until it was apparent he wouldn't reconnect and then until his clock ran down. Shrug . . . personally when losing thus, I'd rather resign and show my opponent some respect. With enough work you can fix Live Chess, but fixing live people is another matter altogether.