Long Lost Brothers



Olympbase, the encyclopedia of team chess  gives this story on it's page concerning the 8th Chess Olympiad played in Buenos Aires in 1939:


"Two Janofsky brothers met for the first time in Buenos Aires, each of them playing for different country. J. Janowski, 45, was born in the Ukraine and left for Argentina in 1919. His father stayed home and later on moved to Canada along with his 6-month-old son Abe Janowski (English spelling: Yanofsky). Abe became the strongest player in Canada and was named to play first board at the Buenos Aires Olympiad. Reading the list of the participants J. Janowsky was very surprised and was eager to meet one A. Yanofsky from the Canadian team. He showed the photo of his father and Abe exclaimed: "that's my father too!" They happily embraced each other."

At chessgames.com, Bill Wall wrote the brief bio for David Abraham Yanofsky:


(born Mar-26-1925, died Mar-05-2000) Poland (citizen of Canada)

Daniel Abraham Yanofsky was born on the 26th of March 1925 in Brody, Poland. Awarded the IM title in 1950 and the GM title in 1964 he was British Champion in 1953 and Canadian Champion on eight occasions.
After being born in Poland to Russian parents he was taken to Canada by them when eight months old. He learnt to play at age eight and made such rapid progress that at the age of fourteen he represented Canada on second board at the Buenos Aires Olympiad in 1939. After the Second World War he played in several tournaments including the Saltsjobaden Interzonal of 1948 where he finished in 11th= place.

His chess from then on took second place to his law studies which he completed brilliantly, as a result he was offered five scholarships for postgraduate work. He chose Oxford in England to further his studies. Returning to Winnipeg he became a successful lawyer but he still found time to represent Canada in several Olympiads.

As a player his greatest strength was in the endgame. If he had devoted himself entirely to chess he would certainly have gone much further.

 Abe Janofski 1947

Abe Janofski, 1947

Canada's first grandmaster

A personal reminiscence of Abe Janofski by FM Irwin Lipnowski, along with anotated games. Also one by Kevin Spraggett and one by Cecil Rosner