Medieval Chess Stories by Murray

     Harold James Ruthven Murray was possibly the greatest and most influential chess historian ever born.  His monumental work, "A History of Chess," published in 1913, is still valid and quite useful in its centennial year. While researching for his book, Murray published articles in German and English magazines, particuarly the "British Chess Magazine."  His impartial style coupled with his extensive knowledge and understanding cover his articles with an aura of credibility.  Here is Murray's article on medieval chess stories.



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    I thought it was interesting when both H.J.R Murray and Marilyn Yalom highlighted the fact that in Russia 18th century, the King piece was called the tsar and instead of the Queen, the ferz was used (also known as vizier) which remained in its "masculinesque" form by which it could move diagonally by one square when by the end of the 15th century, the Queen had evolved to already become a very powerful piece to move in any direction by one square across parts of Asia and Europe, emphasis on the geographical differences/variations against time. 

    I've recently read segments of H.J.R Murrays book A History of Chess and found your blog to be a pleasant coincidence. 

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