Morphy Honored

from Chess Life   Aug. 20, 1954.

     President Frank Graves of the U.S. Chess Federation performed on of his first acts of the Sunday afternoon, Aug. 8th, by laying a wreath of flowers on the tomb of Paul Morphy, New Orleanian, of international chess fame.  Graves, of Fort Worth, Texas,  delivered a eulogy of Paul Morphy in which he declared "by the magic of his genius he emblazoned the name of Paul Morphy in such brilliant colors that the passing of an entire century has not dimmed the lustre of his name.
     Some 30 persons from the U.S. Chess Federation Open Championship tournament now underway at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans under the auspices of the U.S. Chess Federation and the two other sponsoring groups. Davis A. Walsdorf, president, represented the New Orleans Chess Club and A. L. McAuley, secretary-treasurer, represented the Louisiana Chess Association.
     Nicolas Rossolimo,  the former French chess champion ; former President and Mrs. Harold M. Phillips of the U.S. Chss Federation ; Miss Mona May Karff, New York City, woman international master ; and other players from the Open Tournament witnessed the ceremony in St. Louis No. 1 on Basin Street, the oldest cemetery in New Orleans.