Mrs. Pillsbury

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NY TIMES  January 19, 1901
Chess Player Pillsbury Married
Chicago, Jan. 18. --- Harry N. Pillsbury, champion chess player of America, came to Chicago from Philadelphia yesterday and registered at the Morrison Hotel.  He had been in town but a few hours when he reappeared at the desk and shyly penned an addition to the name on the register.  The revised sgniture read, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Pillsbury."  Marriage license records show that Mrs. Pillsbury was Miss Mary E. Bush, whose home was given as Philadelphia.


BCM 1901

We announced briefly last month the marriage of Mr. H. N. Pillsbury, the American chess champion, and now we have pleasure in giving a few more authentic particulars. Harry N. Pillsbury and Mary E. Bush were married in Chicago, Ill., on January 17th, 1901, by the Rev. Frank de Witt Talmage, at the home of Mr. Bush, a brother of the bride. The bride is the daughter of the late Albert J. Bush, who at his death was judge of the County Court, Sullivan County, New York, and resided at Monticello. Judge Bush was considered the ablest lawyer in Sullivan County, and up to the date of his death was respected by all throughout the community in which he resided alike for his ability and integrity of purpose. His daughter was born at Monticello, and resided there with her mother several years after the death of her father. She and Mr. Pillsbury have been friends for many years. Prior to her marriage Mrs. Pillsbury spent some time in Philadelphia with friends of her family, and during that time many of Mr. Pillsbury's friends had the pleasure of meeting her. All were charmed not only with Mrs. Pillsbury"s beauty, but with her unusually bright mental attainments, and now unite in extending to Mr. Pilhbury their heartiest congratulations. The only regret of Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury's friends was that the marriage did not take place in Philadelphia, but this unfortunately was prevented by Mr. Pillsbury's business engagements. Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury at present are enjoying an extended tour through the southern and western portions of the United States.