My Chess Sites

Jun 13, 2010, 7:45 AM |

I've have many Chess sites on the internet over the past dozen or so years. For the past 6 years I've maintained them on 2 separate free hosting services.  Everything was on one service that offered a lot (at the time) of storage. Later, I created what was to be a mirror site on a second service, but because of the space limitations there, it ended up becoming intertwined with the original service.

A nice gentleman (here at wrote to me the other day informing me that, upon visiting my site through the first service, he recieved a virus alert from his AV.  He scanned my site and found a slew of infected pages.  Without out going into details, let me mention that I had run into this problem a couple years ago and a few time since with the almost certain determination that the problem wasn't with my site itself but with the server that hosted my site. Google even quit lisitng my site in those cases, branding it an "attack site," but Google also quit listing ALL sites from that partcular server. In each case, Google eventually resumed listing my site, convincing me the problem had been handled.

Still.... I'm a bit high-strung to begin with. Things like this make me too apprehensive and I'm extremely weary of dealing with them.  As a result, I decided to delete my entire site, not just from the infected service, but from both services since the mirror site would contain too many dead links to the original, now-defunct, site.

I deleted all links to my sites on my blog homepage, but within the blog entries themselves there are just too many links for me to wallow through and correct.

I may or may not recreate my chess information elsewhere.