My Pet Peeves


It must have been in the fourth grade when I  last wrote a composition with this title and since I try to write such an essay about once every 25 years,  this one is right on schedule.

What is a Pet Peeve, you ask?  It's just something that irritates you for some reason.  Often we endure such things and suffer them in silence.  It doesn't have to be important or even rational.  It doesn't have to be politically correct,  natural or changeable. 

Of course,  since this is a chess blog,  it must somehow relate to chess or to merit mentioning.  I'm going to list a few things that annoy me, hopefully without anyone taking offense,  and in return,  I'd like to hear what things bother my dear readers (that's you).

Since I spend some time in the forums and since I have a dial-up internet connection,  a few of my pet peeves involve things that are posted in the forums.
        1. most pictures, unless they are completely chess related, annoy me.
            I find most of them neither clever nor funny  -  just bandwidth
        2. Excessive and unnecessary game boards slow the loading of a
            thread to a crawl and sometimes keep all of the games from
            loading. Generally text move lists are just as effective.
        3. The lazy use of the "quote" feature. I wish that feature were 
            retired.  Whether justified or not, when I come to a posting in
            which the poster unnecessarily quotes long paragraphs of another
            member, or in which quoted passages are stacked like nested
            boxes, I tend to mentally dismiss that person's posting as superfluous.

Now . . .  what bugs you?