Nellie Showalter Talks About Her Chess


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    She was very strong for her times.  In fact she was really the first American woman champion, havig defeated Mrs. Worrell in a match that ended prematurely. You can read more about Nellie and about the match and play through the 5 games HERE.

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    Very interesting!,she seems to have been a very strong player.

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    Nice article!!  She was an amazing woman.

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    Jackson , her tutor was a true champion of U.S.Chess and did well in International events he took part on occasion.I like these old chess history tidbits. Keep them coming!

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    I'll bet that if she were alive today (even with [her] newly accumulated chess theory/'experience' gained over the years) I could beat her (in a chess game [but maybe not in a real {fist-}fight! ... ]) on any given day - and after I'd deliver check-'mate' [audibly! - and 'Loudly!'] to her (probably no later than move 20), I'd then say, "Bedtime!" - and smugly watch the reaction on her [now!] big beet-red face! ...

    And that's the way 'I' see it! ...

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     It's insightful to see varied and personal perspectives from the past, especially from those whose voices were rarely heard.

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