Paul Morphy Links


After around 600 blog entries, things get somewhat muddled, murky and lost. 

I have written extensively on Paul Morphy, the subject of my attention for a dozen or more years, both here and on my chess site.

I wanted to put some cohesion into all these writings by making an index of my Morphy-related material to date (a lot, in fact most, of the important links aren't below but found within my Morphy site).

My Morphy sites:
The Life and Chess of Paul Morphy
Le Vieux Carré et Paul Morphy

From Sarah's Chess Journal:
Exploits of Paul Morphy
Morphy Clubs
More Morphy Houses
A Date with Paul Morphy
Morphy's Times: Entertainment
Diego Morphy
Don Diego - Saint-Domingue Refugee
P. W. S. Reviews R. M.-V.
Morphy in the National Era
Morphy - 1875
Morphy - 1875 - part 2
Morphy - 1875 - part 3
Paulsen's opinion of Morphy
Morphy Homestead Sold
Léona Queyrouze
Another View of Morphy
Twice Remembered
Löwenthal's Visit to America
Boston Gazette 8/18/1860
Steinitz on Morphy by Phillips
W.J.A.Fuller on Morphy
The Problem of Paul Morphy
A Tribute to Ernest Jones
Reuben Fine's Paul Morphy
Reuben Fine on Morphy, 1943
C.A. Bucks: Morphy's Later Life
Dizikes Does Morphy
Books on Morphy
Paul Morphy - Thomas Avery
A Morphy Opponent?
Morphy Opponent - Part II
yet another Morphy Opponent?
New Morphy Opponent?
Frederick Edge Meets Paul Morphy - in his own write
Morphy's Chess Set
Morphy's Watch Dial
Thelcide's Érard
Morphy's Bust
A Trio of Morphy Clippings
Ernest Morphy
Edge Full Circle
Edgier still...
Edge Sampler
Bird Talk
Paul Morphy Cigars
Morphy goes crazy
of Morphy and Music
The Maurian Library
When Morphy Was a Boy
The Conqueror
Young Morphy
Morphy the Lawyer

Morphy Entries at
Morphy in "The Press"
Morphy by G. A. MacDonnell
Morphy's Games
A Morphy Girl Speaks Out
Whats So Great about Paul Morphy Anyway
Morphy Quotes
Doazan on Morphy
Hooper on Lawson
Paul Morphy's Personal Chess Set
Morphy's Little Known Speech
Mrs. Morphy
Morphy's Aunt
The Conqueror
Morphy Honored
Morphy's Place
Ernest Morphy's Problem
Ernest Morphy, Chess King of New Orleans
Paul Morphy as Chess Editor
More Morphy
Morphy Yet Again
A Couple Morphy Myths
Paul Morphy Book Shop
Paul Morphy by Willard Fiske
Morphy Under Glass
Morphy Details
Morphy in the Weekly World News
Die Schachspieler and the Morphy Anecdote
Die Schachspieler and the Morphy Anecdote Pt.II
Morphy in the News
Morphy in Philadelphia
An Unknown Morphy Game
Morphy Quadrupled
What You Don't Know About Morphy
Sour Grapes
Numismatic Morphy
A Medley for Morphy
Reti for morphy
Reti for Morphy,  Pt.II
Morphy's House
Paul Morphys House Sold
Morphys Trophies
That Crazy Paul Morphy
Storming the Castle
The Man Who Wouldn't Play Morphy
Morphy's Later Life
Ernest Morphy
Morphy Set to Music
A Morphy Marvel
Morphys Chess Problem