What Tactic is This?

Nov 17, 2011, 4:24 PM |

Many time we are given puzzles and, since we know there is something immediate to be found, the solution, even if it's a little offbeat, can be readly found.  This was the case for me with the following position. But, on the other hand when such a position occurs during a game, there are no little buzzers going off telling us to look closely for some explosive tactic.  Even more to the point, talented players don't generally stumble into such positions, but actually plan them moves ahead and see the solution before the position is a reality.  I'm not sure I would have found this tactic during a game, but I am sure I would have never been capable of foreseeing the position moves in advance.  

In the position below Black had just played Qc3 hoping to simplify.

Now Black has only two choices:
      if KxR, then Qh4 mates
      if BxR, the QxQ

I consider this tactic an overworked piece since the Bishop can't protect the Queen and capture the Rook. This could also be called Removing the Guard by Deflection.  One might say the King is either deflected or overworked himself since he must get out of check but to capture the Rook means mate.