How to Improve my game

Hey guys, I have been playing chess for over five years but still, I hadn't found a way to improve my game. My rating is 1123 in USCF. Does anybody have a way I can improve. I want to get my rating up to 1300's. Tell me everything you can.


  • 3 years ago


    I have tons of ideas.  Please read the blog posts I have put here.  Additionally, study Go game it will help activate your right hemisphere and help you understand positions:,,   You are welcome to join me for a game at for Go game, which is 3000 years old, much older than chess.  I play both games because chess helps with tactical accuracy, necessary in life, and Go helps for long term strategy.  Both are valuable for training.  If you read my blogs and understand the material and also train in Go, you will improve, it has worked for me.

  • 3 years ago


    There is no help like self help, analyse your games, try to understand why you are making the mistakes that you do.  Play online chess, it is the art of analysis, this will help you in every phase of the game.  Its amazing how many people try to run before they can walk.

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