2015-16 Pittsburgh Chess League, Round 4

NM blitzcopter
Dec 6, 2015, 4:26 PM |

Today was our fourth league match for this season, against CMU Tartans, whose players are mostly CMU alumni. We were all outrated by a lot, but I managed to draw my game, and in January we will start playing the bottom half of the teams.

I also scored 2.5/3 in the morning G/15 quads, taking first place by a full point due to the other three players each splitting their other two games (ratings shown are approximate USCF Quick). My first opponent missed an in-between move, ending up down a piece.

Since I was the lowest-rated, I only had one Black, in the next round against Joe Mucerino from eastern PA. After a main-line Colle, I got a little too aggressive and lost a pawn, but I managed to hold an opposite-colored bishop endgame.

I had a half point lead and White in the last game, so I decided to try out 3. f3 in the Caro-Kann and it was fun. My opponent gave me the two bishops early in the exciting line, which gave him too many difficulties.

League Match

On Board 2 for the afternoon game (30 moves/90 min. + G/60), I had White against Franklin Chen who beat me with the same colors last Tuesday and had a 4-0 record against me. My questionable opening ideas lost me a pawn, but Black gave me some unnecessary counterplay and had to give it back, after which we agreed to a draw.